Board Of Directors


Diana Boyle

Diana Boyle was born in 1998 and suffered hypoxia resulting in a traumatic brain injury at birth resulting in a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

Throughout her life she strives continual improvement in her therapy, learning, and is a constant inspiration to other children and people alike.

She is a student at Poinciana Christian School and enjoys seated self-defense martial arts and grappling.

Diana has had several surgeries and continues weekly therapy with the goal of ambulation and increased independence.

She enjoys being part of the Board of Diana's Friends, Inc. and will offer insight to the other Boardmembers when allocating funds to children for therapy.


Jim Boyle

Born and grew up in New Orleans.  I was graduated from the Marine Military Academy in south Texas in 1986, attended The Citadel in South Carolina and was graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1992.  I worked in various local CPA firms until I stepped out on my own in 2002 and was licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in 2003.

Jan and I met at the University and married shortly after graduation.  Our firstborn child, Diana, suffered a traumatic birth leading to Cerebral Palsy.  Ever since that time I have been an advocate for her and for other children who would have a significantly higher quality of life if they can access intensive physical therapies early enough in their life.

The theory of advocacy drives what we do.  We speak for the child who cannot speak for him or herself.  They may not know or be able to communicate to their parents that they need intensive therapy or the parent may just not understand how well their child COULD do with the proper therapy....."Insurance pays for an hour a week that should be enough."

Unfortunately many parents accept the condition of the child and seek to make the child more comfortable rather than challenge the child to do more and develop their full potential.

I become an advocate for that child and speak on his or her behalf to say, "Mom, Dad....I need this intensive therapy so I can have a better life."

We helped open a clinic and Foundation in the New Orleans area that helped many children before Hurricane Katrina.  We will continue with that goal and put it on steroids here in the Central Florida area through Diana's Friends, Inc.


Stephen M. Brenan, DC

Stephen M. Brenan ,DC was born in Mt. View, CA in 1968 to a US Marine family.  His father flew F8 Crusaders until 1966.  The family moved to Saratoga CA where they raised the family.  Steve was Graduated from the University of Florida in 1991 and received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in 1996.  From 1996 thru 1999 he practiced in Jacksonville, FL and 2000 thru 2009 in Charlotte.

In 2010 he moved his family, including twin daughters, to Celebration, FL where he opened his new practice.  Steve quickly became very popular in Celebration due to his excellent patient-relation and listening skills.  Just about everyone in Celebration knows him and everyone likes him. 

When Diana's Friends, Inc. approached Steve about being on the board, he graciously and readily accepted.  In his own words, "I chose my career in Chiropractic to help people.  In my practice I see many people who need therapy that either I cannot provide and who have no way to get the therapy they need that I know in my heart would change their lives for the positive forever.  Being part of the Board of Diana's Friends, Inc. allows me to change these kids lives and that's truly priceless.  This is purely volunteer.  Nobody on the Board received payment or any sort of remuneration for their services to Diana's Friends, Inc.  Every cent we raise goes directly to the afflicted children.  That's a tremendous thing for the kids and for this community."